Order Flow

Order Flow for GINZA TAILOR’s handmade line:
Customers visit us three times from order receipt to delivery.
In the first visit, it takes about 45 to 60 minutes to provide consultation,
fabric selection, specification determination, measurement and checkout.
In the second visit, we will provide the fitting. (Estimated time is about 30 minutes).
It will be delivered at the third visit. **Customers who request mailed deliveries will be visiting us twice.
Please feel free to contact staff for local delivery times and international mailing (for customers visiting Japan).

1st1st Visit:

estimated time 60min

Request consultation

Through conversations with customers, we reflect on preference, lifestyle, usage, taking into consideration individual style. Based on the frequency and preference of wear, experienced staff will suggest a fabric and design.

Fabric selection

We have over 20,000 kinds of bunch books (fabric samples) and actual fabrics.Various items ranging from the finest and rarest fabrics such as vicuña, directly imported from Britain, Italy, France, etc. Domestic fabrics are also available.Based on our consultation, we propose cloth according to each customer's wishes and budget.

Specification decision

We pay special attention to detail and to the individuality of our customers. Choose a natural material luxury button, lining, and design according to your preference. Additionally, we will also make the position and depth of the pocket and the specifications of the fastener according to your preference and usage.


An experienced cutter from the atelier in the GINZA TAILOR Building will measure you. After finishing the measurements, you’ll wear a silhouette gauge that uses the original pattern of GINZA TAILOR, and the cutter will make finer adjustments according to your body's shape. We’ll propose a fit and silhouette based on GINZA TAILOR's original pattern that makes you feel your absolute best.


Please pay in advance when you place an order. Payment is accepted by cash, credit card, and transfer.

2ndSecond Visit:

estimated time 30min


You will have a fitting 10 to 14 days from your first visit. For the fitting, you will wear a tacked suit reflecting the design and silhouette of your first visit. We will measure for further adjustments and for a comfortable silhouette. Then we will customize a unique silhouette for you.

3rdThird Visit:

estimated time 30min
*Parcel delivery also available.

Delivery(final fitting)

Your order will be delivered approximately three to four weeks after the fitting. When you arrive at our store for pick-up, you will try it on and speak with a tailor before taking it home.*Parcel delivery is also available.


TEL : 03-3571-4129

About Payment

In GINZA TAILOR we will put scissors into the fabric at the stage you received money so we will check up at the time of ordering.
Cash, credit card, transfer are available.
In addition, we can also use gift certificates issued by GINZA TAILOR,
so please contact us in case you want to use.