Reform & Maintenance

Experienced tailors do alterations and maintenance using modern equipment.
In order to enjoy your bespoke clothes for a longer time,
proper professional cleaning and maintenance are necessary.
We care for our customers carefully and continuously look for ways to improve.


Our tailors’ excellent technique provides customers
with alterations and a re-invented style.

We accept products from other shops.

Item Parts Price
Jacket Replacing the upper collar ¥17,600〜
Shoulder width repair ¥22,000〜
Width adjustment ¥14,850〜
Sleeve length correction (hem) ¥12,100〜
Length correction (hem) ¥14,850〜
Pants Waist straightening ¥6,600〜
Thigh width adjustment ¥6,600〜
Bottom width ¥9,350〜
Inseam adjustment ¥7,700〜
Pleat alteration (2 lines→ 1 line) ¥17,600〜


We repair torn or frayed fabric and provide spot removal and cleaning.

Handling, treatment Item Price
Invisible mending of clothes Scratched,Waistband,Moth-eaten
*Because the price is different depending on the size and condition of the repair, we will quote separately.
*Please make your requests specifying the type of material and the degree of cleaning required.
Suit ¥4,620〜
Jacket ¥2,860〜
Coat ¥4,950〜
Shirt ¥1,485〜
Slacks ¥1,980〜
Stain removal Estimate