At GINZA TAILOR we prepare the finest goods for gifting the special people in your life.
Congratulate a loved one on a promotion, present a wedding gift, or for a birthday gift.
GINZA TAILOR's gift certificate creates a strong bond between the gift-giver and the recipient.
Traditional Japanese packaging will be tailored by experienced staff.

For the important person in your life, purchase a GINZA TAILOR suit.


For a loved one 's birthday,
'Makeover' gift.
Promotion celebration
High-end look
for new executives.
Exchange betrothal gifts
A wonderful present for him
A Coming of Age celebration
A well-tailored suit is
a milestone in a man’s life.
Father's Day
To a fashionable and elegant 'father' with love.
Milestone celebration
Present for an important milestone.

Customer Reviews

  • I wanted to give him a wedding gift he could use for a long time.I am relieved because I can request alterations and maintenance on the suit so he can enjoy wearing it for a longer time.

    A wife's wedding gift to her husband

  • I got a gift certificate as an incentive from my company. I used to order suits before, but nowadays I only order readymade suits. The suit fits comfortably long after purchasing it. I also had a nic

    As a company incentive

  • I chose to order a suit as a birthday gift for my boyfriend in Osaka when he transferred there. It was fun to be able to choose fabric and lining at the shop in Ginza with a clerk. I was relieved to b

    For a birthday present


Those who have gift certificates can choose items freely according to the amount.
For example, with a 250,000 yen gift certificate, you can use it with a combination of 1 jacket and 1 shirt.
Also, gift certificates can be used at both GINZA TAILOR and Ginza Tailor CLOTHO.

*If a purchase amount exceeds the certificate amount, we will charge it separately.
*The validity period is three years from the issue date.

¥275,000~(tax included)
Jacket & Blouson
¥220,000~(tax included)
¥88,000~(tax included)
¥88,000~(tax included)
¥33,000~(tax included)
¥330,000~(tax included)
Formal Wear
¥363,000~(tax included)
¥297,000~(tax included)
Denim & Jeans
¥88,000~(tax included)