We gathered frequently asked questions and answers from customers.
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Frequently asked questions about orders

What is the delivery time of the suit?

The production period of handmade suits will be about 1 month. As a guide, from order to fitting it’s about 10 to 14 days. After that delivery will be about 21 to 28 days.Order suits(handled at Ginza Tailor CLOTHO: No fitting)will be from 21 days to 28 days from order to delivery.Please note with regard to the delivery date, it may change depending on the time. Please do not hesitate to consult us in case of an urgent request.

What is the difference between handmade suits and order suits?

Handmade suits are made by one skilled craftsman at the atelier in the GINZA TAILOR Building. Because there is only fitting for the handmade line, you can request unique orders with high design freedom. Also, due to the fitting, we can flexibly accommodate preference of fit and silhouette.The Ordered line will be tailored within a short delivery time, because the suit is completed quickly by a cooperating factory using the top Japanese sewing machines.

Is there no fitting in the suit line suit?

There is no fitting.Regarding the ordered line suit, after measuring customers wear a clothing gauge and we make adjustments.If you desire a more accurate fit, we recommend our handmade line with fitting.

Can I order something other than a suit?

Yes, we tailor jackets, pants and vests, as well as various shirts and denim items.Also, you can bring your favorite clothes and inquire whether we can reproduce it.

Do I need an appointment?

We recommend making an appointment before your visiting us for a smoother experience. We will guide you from the moment you make your reservation.

Do I bring something for the fitting?

In GINZA TAILOR, we will tailor the garments you will be wearing.If you are considering pairing our clothes with your own, please bring them for the fitting. We have sample shirts available if needed. If you are considering a casual jacket, we recommend that you visit us wearing casual shoes and pieces that match it.

How long will it take to order at the shop?

When you come to the shop for the first time, it takes about 45 to 60 minutes, including fabric selection, style selection and measurement.

Do you have any gift items?

Yes, GINZA TAILOR will issue gift certificates according to your budget which can be used for various small items such as ties and cuff links as well as tailored items.For details, please consult the staff. In addition, we can do 'handwritten' dedications by pen and we offer traditional Japanese 'MIZUHIKI' wrapping, so that you can give someone a special gift.

Can I change fabrics and design after ordering?

As a our rule, we can not accept any changes to the content you decided at the time of your visit. You may consult with us when you contact us on the order day, or the next day.

Can I order a new suit with past measurement data?

We carefully keep past order information including the customer's paper pattern, cloth sample, silhouette, size feeling. Based on that information, we will tailor it in the same size upon request.

Frequently Asked Questions About Price / Payment

What kind of payment methods do you have?

Payment by cash, credit card (VISA · Mastercard, JCB · American Express, Diners Club, Rakuten, GINREI, Alipay) and bank transfer is possible.

Can I order any other items besides a suit with gift certificates?

Yes, you can use it for purchasing jackets, pants and accessories.

Frequently asked questions about alterations

My body’s shape changed, and the size no longer matches, can you fix it?

Yes, we will check the garment and if we can repair it, we will.。

Is it possible to alter items purchased at another store?

We accept other manufacturer's order suits and ready-made garments. Depending on the design etc., we will consult with a technician and consult the correction range.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Please tell me about the maintenance of the suit.

For everyday care, please take out the contents of the pocket and store it on a hanger. In addition, please wear brushing as dust will adhere after wearing. Cleaning is recommended during the off-season (period of clothing change). Please note that frequent cleaning will accelerate damage and deterioration