GINZA TAILOR, founded in 1935, has been awarded numerous awards in the technical review of tailors since that time.
With over 80 years of experience, we have inherited craftsmanship and creativity seeking the highest quality in modern times.
Clothing materials are reborn as the ultimate suit thanks to our craftsmen’s technique.

The suit we make is receiving a lot praise from customers:
'It fits perfectly and to the extent that it does not feel like I’m wearing it'…'a suit suited for feeling'.
In order to make clothes with a high degree of precision
we continue to protect the production system where one craftworker sews one cloth.

It is the reason why our clothes are loved by many people including VIPs who are active not only in Japan but who are at the forefront of the world.
GINZA TAILOR will continue to offer you the highest quality bespoke experiences and best suits.

Hand Made Suit

Since our establishment, we have offered 'handmade suits'
which are carried out by hands of craftsmen, under the policy of 'only the best things'
We will tailor the 'ultimate handmade suits' with traditional techniques
that have been cultivated over the years and using the finest quality fabrics.

600 suits

ultimate handmade suits

We are wearing one piece at the atelier in GINZA TAILOR, carefully made by hands of skilled craftsmen.One craftworker not responsible for flowing work, responsible for suits 1 Round stitch sewing, maintaining a production system that is not seen much now.Because only 600 pieces are produced per year.


Succeeded in adopting the ultimate tailoring technique.

GINZA TAILOR’s handmade products and superior service has won the Prince Takamatsu Technical Encouragement Prize twice and has proudly been one of the world's best tailors since its founding. Through the generations, GINZA TAILOR has practiced excellent craftsmanship down to each individual stitch.

only one

Special only for you,
a one-of-a-kind suit

We will tailor for you a special suit, only one suit of its kind.You can only get it at GINZA TAILOR,and you’ll enjoy the harmony of craftsmanship.

20,000 types

Selected high-quality
and original fabric

We have a large selection of imported fabrics from around the world, including Britain, Italy, France with 20,000 varieties.We also have the finest clothing made from vicuña. This rare and fine-haired fabric is expertly used by GINZA TAILOR’s craftsmen.

70 hours

A special suit
to be completed over 70 hours

The production period of handmade suits is seven times the time of ready-made goods. One reason for this is the meticulously hand-sewn interlining which forms the base of the jacket. Everything is painstakingly sewn to produce a fine comfort and silhouette.