GINZA TAILOR Original Cloth
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Amadeus365 Stretch

Only in Ginza Tailor around the world, you can purchase products which use this new material.

DORMEUIL, which is one of the most famous fabric makers in the world, has developed this new material “ Amadeus 365 stretch “.

Usually, extension percentage of wool 100% is less than 5 %.

However, “ Amadeus 365 stretch “ realized 10% extension without any chemical fiber.

It succeeded a stretch effect by weaving the cloth to weave at the width with 150 cm of general at the about 165 cm width and shortening in the step of the completing.

100% wool material of “ Amadeus 365 stretch “ provide comfort feeling and profound feeling.

Gift of GINZA TAILOR original cushion cover with purchase!

This cover is made of cashmere denim 100%, very soft and comfortable.