Formal wear is often worn at medal award ceremony, bridal and ceremonial functions.
Because it is extraordinary, we have to express our dignity and intelligence.
Please enjoy the classical style.


It is worn as a superlative of full dress during the day.

Used to conferment ceremonies of the decoration, or in the prestigious weddings and receptions guest of honor, it may also be worn to attendees both.
Origin of morning coat is in England of 18th century.

Wear a necktie or an ascot tie. A vest is mandatory with wearing morning coat.
It is used properly in light gray or cloth same as morning coat, properly in mourning or an auspicious event in scene. We recommend having both colors.
The design root of the morning coat is to easy moving for the body during a hose riding in England of 18th century.

Please enjoy the cut and sewing of the expert craftsman with good-quality cloth

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Including jacket, white color vest, gray color vest and cord stripe pants


It is worn as a semi- full dress of day and night.

Wear vest in black jacket, pants dress code for wearing the cord stripe conforms to morning coat.

The director's suit is considered to be the clothing that is higher-grade than a black suit.
It is worn by guest of honor and attendant of the wedding ceremony, but also it is able to wear at the general celebration, such as an entrance ceremony or a graduation ceremony.
It was used for executive's working clothes preferably in Europe and America.
In recent years, its presence has been reviewed a preferable to represent the feelings of celebration than the black suit in the auspicious occasion.

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Including jacket, gray color vest and cord stripe pants


It is first-class formal dress to wear at night.

When it is written on "dress code is a white tie" invitation card, means wearing a tailcoat and a white bow tie.

It's the feature of the design a collar is a silk peaked lapel, and that 2 side chapters are given to pants.
A bow tie wears on the cotton picket of the white of the same material as vest.

We provide the highest quality for the high formal dress by our treasures class of craftsmen.

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Including jacket, pique vest and pants


It's employed as an associate formal dress at night.

If you have a invitation letter marked on "black tie" is meaning to wear a tuxedo.
Currently, a tuxedo is not only a formal place, it is familiar as formal dress including the night casual party, ceremony and cruising dinner party.

As for the reason called a tuxedo, it is a cause that Mr. Griswold appeared in the red tuxedo on the occasion of the party held in the tuxedo park of the 19th century United States.
It's called a dinner jacket in the United Kingdom.
We recommend not only traditional basic design and fabrics but also fashionable design, such as velvet cloth tailored and designed silk cuffs.

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The person that there is no opportunity to wear quite a tuxedo will recommend the BLACK SUIT.
The Black Suit made with high quality fabric is able to ware all kind of the ceremonial occasion.

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Including jacket and pants

Approximately dress

The black suit is very useful semi formal ware for night and day or auspicious event and on occasions of mourning in Japan.
For the auspicious is white or silver gray color tie , and for the mourning is a black color tie style is a unique Japanese attire.
Dark navy blue or charcoal gray suits are worn for the semi formal suit in other countries.
※ Single design suit is more formal than the double design suit.

Positive dress

Night of formal dress, there is a "white tie" and "black tie" dress code means white tie tailcoat.
The people are wearing a tuxedo instead of a tailcoat at the formal night event except court event recently.
A morning coat is worn as the best full dress at the daytime event.