Our best quality products!
We can produce about 600 pieces of the hand-made products like suits, jackets, or pants in a year, based on the policy of "to provide the best quality products".

It is made one by one by only skilled craftsmen who allowed to make.

Hand Made from ¥250,000 +TAX ~

Ever since establishment, each suit has been carefully handmade by a master following our policy of “only the best”.
We provide the best suits using traditional expert techniques that have won multiple awards and fabric chosen with an exacting eye.


In case of full-order (“Samurai” or upper model), in addition to various dimensions, focuses on the lines of the body.
Such as the inclination of the posture and shoulder, we will continue to record while watching the measurement's a line of various body.
【Measuring point】
In addition to measuring point of Semi-custom order, plus armhole, back width, chest width, shoulder tilt, the total length.

Pattern making and cutting

The cutting-craftsman makes pattern paper based on measurements sheet.
While giving consideration to the characteristics of the line of the body or throughout the body at this time, we'll draw a line.
To exert a subtle curve, solid cutting method takes extra seam allowance.


We are producing the linings fit to the body style of the customer.
And we are using combination of hard hair core, original shape (wool), bus-core (horse's tail) and felt.


We'll finish all the process in hand-sewn. Craftsmen, based on many years of experience, assuming the overall silhouette, it is sewn each point to consider the characteristics of the fabric and interlining to be used. And craftsmen will reshape it with a natural roundness for each part by using the iron.


After finish all sewing , craftsmen adjust the point of determining the quality of the silhouette of a suit like the breast thick, shoulder, calf parts, by an iron.

The "SAMURAI" is original decoration of GINZA TAILOR.We will attach it according to customer’s request. It is expressed unparalleled beauty of traditional Japanese (Japan) and western (European) integration

Nishijin Textile

The pinnacle of Nishijin weaving, Tatsumura art textile, is blended in throughout the suit.

Tatsumura Art Textiles
In addition to the creation of world-renowned art textiles, they are also involved in restoration of Important cultural properties such as Shosoin and Horyuji.

Lacquer Buttons

Each button is sent to Sabae City in Fukui Prefecture, where they are lacquered. Sabae City is known for its lacquer, much like Wajima City. Famous for producing Echizen lacquerware, when the Tokugawa shogunate was building the Nikko Tosho-gu, it is said they ordered the collection of large amounts of lacquer resin from Echizen.


In addition to embroidering the customer’s name, we will also create and embroider a kao (personal symbol). After choosing a favorite character from your name or favorite motto, you can choose from kao based on that character.



    JACKET¥200,000 +TAX ~

  • VEST

    VEST¥100,000 +TAX ~


    PANTS¥100,000 +TAX ~

  • COAT

    COAT¥250,000 +TAX ~


    LEATHERNot available currently


    DENIM¥80,000 +TAX ~